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General Information

At Mill Park Dental we like to present our business and our policies to you so there are no misunderstandings, nor any surprises in relation to treatments or billing.

Privacy Policy 

Your Privacy is especially important to yourself and we strive to maintain very strict adherence to our privacy policy

Patient Details 

There are certain details that Mill Park Dental Clinic will retain on your record. This information is required for the appropriate management of your dental care. Click here for a sample registration form

Medical History 

To allow dentistry to be provided in a safely and with minimum risk, it is essential that we maintain a good medical history for you.

  • There are particular medications which may be affected by local anesthetic.
  • There are medications that have side effects that can be compounded by dental treatment.
  • There are certain medical conditions that may be severely complicated by the provision of dental treatment.
  • Certain products that we may use in the provision of your dental care may aggravate allergies that you may suffer.


Mill Park Dental Clinic maintains a recall system which allows us to advise you of our recommendation to return to the dentist for your ongoing dental check-up and clean. It is not recommend that every patient attend every 6 months. Discussion with you dentist will determine the more appropriate recall period. However if a situation arises such as pain or a broken tooth, please do not hesitate to contact us for an immediate appointment.

What you need to bring

To assist with your dental care, we take every precaution to prevent complications. Knowledge of your general health enables us to minimise risks. Providing us with the knowledge of the medications that you are taking, any allergies or previous dental complications is of great assistance in allowing us to provide the optimum dental care.

If you have been advised by your doctor or medical specialist to take antibiotics prior to dental treatment, please advise staff and the dentist. Your doctor or dentist can provide the antibiotic cover which is appropriate for your particular condition.

Third Parties

If your dental care is funded by a third party (ie, Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Medicare Teen Dental Voucher, Work Cover, Transport Accident Commission or a private health fund) please provide the reception staff with the detail upon arrival at Mill Park Dental Clinic. Our staff is very familiar with the processes of each of the above organisations.

Mill Park Dental Clinic has the HICAPS facility and you can make a claim against your health insurance at the completion of your appointment.

Your First Appointment

Generally your first appointment is for a comprehensive examination. We will clean the teeth at this appointment. It is very difficult to assess the teeth and mouth properly without removal of the plaque and tartar. There may be times where there is a need to take x-rays to examine teeth properly. For patients 40 and over we often like to take “bite wing” x-rays. These are the common x-rays taken by dentist to check under old fillings and between the teeth.

For your children who do not have any adult teeth (usually children 5 and under), we do not charge a fee for examination and consultation when the child attends with older children or parents. At Mill Park Dental Clinic we pride ourselves on being the old fashion family dental practice. We find it more important for the children to be introduced to the dentist early and to feel comfortable.

Mill Park Dental Clinic does not want to hide any fees. The fees above are given as a guide to assist with general information. Every patient’s situation is different and you may need more or less. Please do not hesitate to discuss the fees with Dr Barnes or Dr Gunawan.

For a summary of Fees Please see the fee schedule