Dentures & Orthodontics

Dentures (false teeth) are still a very important part of dentistry.

There are many circumstances where dentures are the only option to replace missing teeth. Dentures can be made with an acrylic (plastic) or metal base. The teeth used are made of a hard acrylic plastic to give good function and aesthetics. Porcelain teeth are available but have not been popular for the last 30 years because of problems with staining, chipping and noise when biting.

Generally speaking the metal base denture is far more comfortable than the plastic denture. The metal denture is stronger, lighter and thinner than the plastic. However, metal framed dentures have more limited application.

Dentures can be attached to implants. Some patients have a problem with the stability of dentures and elect to have implants (artificial tooth roots) placed into the jaw. Upon these implants the dentures can be attached. This gives a marked improvement into the stability of the denture.


Dr Barnes and Dr Gunawan are always on the lookout for cases that may benefit from the provision of orthodontic care. When you or your child consult with Dr Barnes or Dr Gunawan, please enquire regarding an orthodontic option. Generally speaking orthodontics is the realignment of the teeth to give a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. For younger patients it is the ideal for creating cosmetic improvement. It is much better than any of the other options. But orthodontics is a personal choice and we will not try to force it on you.